Friday, November 26, 2010

Netroots UK: Building the Progressive Grassroots On-Line

This is a must (IMO) for anyone who thinks there is a role for progressive online activism.  Saturday 8 January 2011 in Central London. Only a £5!

Check out "A one day event to help network and inspire progressive activists working on the web.

Saturday 8 January – Central London

Netroots UK will bring together hundreds of grassroots activists in central London for a day of workshops, discussions and networking activity.
  • Hear from innovative and effective campaigns in other fields.
  • Make useful contacts with key people and organisations.
  • Get practical training in digital techniques and technologies.
  • Take part in the debate on the future of UK activism.
The day will feature keynote speakers and discussions, as well as many workshops, aimed at all levels of activists. There will be plenty of opportunity for networking outside the organised sessions.
We’ll be helping make better links between campaigners from the worlds of politics, environment, development, civil liberties, unions, community groups and many more.
We’re putting the details of the event together now, and need you to get involved:


  • Come to the event. Tickets will be available shortly.
  • Got an idea for a great session? Let us know or volunteer to help run it.


  • Sponsor the event. Is there any practical help you can contribute to make it a better day?
  • Publicise the event. Help make sure people from right across the UK, and all strands of progressive activism are aware of it.
  • Share your expertise. Could you organise or contribute to a session or discussion?
Get in touch with Netroots UK here.

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