Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Bile on Sunday turns on its own: The Tory CEO and the Tory Housing Advisor

Yesterday, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis, at our Community conference, referred to the ideologically motivated attacks on vulnerable workers and carers by the Tory Housing Advisor and £197k per year CEO of Notting Hill Housing Trust (Kate Davis). 

The day before, the usually hideous "Tory On Sunday" published a full attack on Kate Davis (who believe it or not is also allegedly a former General Secretary of the  Revolutionary Communist Party) and her partner Nick Johnson.

Nick use to be the £203k CEO of Tory Bexley Council.  He had a heart attack and was medically retired with a pension of £50k a year.  The Tory "Bile" claims that 4 months after being medically retired he was appointed as CEO of the Tory Council Hammersmith and Fulham Homes (ALMO) at £260k per year! 

"The Bile" further alleges that Nick's permanent health disability pension is not reduced (I think the correct term is "abated") due to his new employment because Hammersmith and Fulham have allowed him to receive his income via a private company?  If this is true it it absolutely outrageous to Council tax payers and those who have been dismissed due to ill health but would lose their pension if they are able to work.

But, what can you expect? this is what Tories do for their own!


Anonymous said...

tory housing advisor

earning more than the pm then

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think they'll find Phil Woolas more interesting. How unfortunate, being found guilty of lying about his opponent. Barred from public office too, it would appear.

Anonymous said...

actually I doubt it since he was just using Daily Mail arguments. Why should only MPs be barred for racism? why not the tabloid tory press as well?