Monday, November 15, 2010

"activists who are elected not just to enact revolution but to also support those in need"

Former London UNISON Branch Secretary Nick Venedi (left) makes a valuable contribution on his blog here to an age old dichotomy about trade unions.  Which is - are unions all about providing top class services and representation to its members or is it just a platform for self serving toy town "wannabe" revolutionaries?

Nick bemoans a branch that now apparently takes weeks to answer members who try to call or contact it.

He makes the point that "I think we must offer or at least commit ourselves to some standards of 'excellence' members deserve better attention from the activists who are elected not just to enact revolution but to also support those in need".

Name names Nick, name names!

I shall look forward (as always) to Nick's appearance at the next London UNISON regional Committee meeting.


Anonymous said...

Nick as always is spot on

our number 1 issue is represesentation

trade unions are not socialist organisations

they should have members from all parties and non

looks like branch could do with more regional input

Anonymous said...

he says some good stuff does our Nick

Anonymous said...

I thought trade unions were all about allowing full-timers to sell out their facility time in exchange for enhanced redundancy?

Shurely shome mishtake?

Nick is clearly bitter and twisted that Lambeth is much stronger and more vibrant without him blocking involvement. Sad to see really.

Anonymous said...

its not just nick we are all furious at you incompetent, lazy clueless, toytown fakers who are letting down members and are making the union a laughing-stock.

Anonymous said...

Why do you give nick so much publicity? U know he loves attention. Many people love him in Lambeth and he is now doin other things and always in touch with us here so not that interested, isn't he a model with Armani now? Chill out whoever you are (JG?)

Anonymous said...

are you defending the lies being told about him jackie (JG?).

very condescending as well.

Anonymous said...

they are just like religious fanatics. they are not interested in our interests only to advance their cults.