Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FBU rep attacks SWP "Wrecker of the Week" Minitrue

The journal of (un)Democratic Centralism (my latest Wrecker of the Week) has been forced to publish the following attacks by a very angry FBU rep over their coverage of the recent strikes.

The Socialist (minitrue) Worker is accused by this rep as follows "your coverage of the London firefighters’ dispute has  angered FBU activists".... "Your reports of the first strike on 23 October were outlandish"...attacking the FBU General Secretary; "fantasising that you were witnessing the French revolution" ...publishing a video that was "used to discredit the union"...wanting to "Have some people die on bonfire night to ‘prove’ the scabs are rubbish?"..using the media to attack the union and not bothering to contact the union beforehand...and "disparage the democratic structures of the FBU".

Well, this is no great surprise to me. Check out report in Solidarity magazine and even the modern day Socialist Minitrue itself.  Hat-tip Col. Roi.

Something very odd is happening with Socialist Minitrue and their contributors.  Is their parallel universe crashing down upon them under the weight of truth?

Check out this bizarre story here in the West Yorkshire News where the SWP Chair of a Unison branch wrote a "misleading, inaccurate and unhelpful” on Minitrue of a "successful" outcome of a meeting before the branch and the employer had finalised negotiations.  What is going on? Hmmm. 

Hat-tip thingy Tynesider


Anonymous said...

that an the swp calling for a general strike

Kyzer SoSay said...

The name Minitrue makes me nervous. I can't imagine why.

andy newman said...

to be accurate, the SW have published the article by Ben Sprung, only on their website; it is not in the paper itself.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Very, very silly when 56% of trade unionists say that the cuts are necessary. We have a job of work to do for March 26th. Not helped by such infantile demands.

Hi Kyzernick

I think I know why but please elaborate.

Hi Andy

Thank you for the clarification. My own hard copy of SW miniture must have been eaten by my dog (Hmmm? I haven't got a dog?)

andy newman said...

actually John, I don't have a paper copy of SW either, the clue was in the "ONLINE ONLY" tag on the article.

John Gray said...

Hi Andy

But you don't believe anything you read in either do you?