Tuesday, June 02, 2009

East Ham Euro Canvass

Yesterday evening I helped out with some door knocking in East Ham. We had the support of some of our London Labour Euro-candidates and staff. I saw Claude and Anne.

It was another overwhelmingly positive canvass for Labour which does make me suspicious of national polls. I also had a number of very constructive conversations with residents who on the whole seemed really pleased that we were personally canvassing them and asking for their votes. I only had only one voter who said he was definitely not voting for Labour because of the expenses Parliamentary issue and even he said he would vote for us in the Council and General election next year. He just wanted to punish all the Political Parties by withdrawing his vote. Which I hope he will change his mind about.

There was a nasty motor bike accident outside our meeting point and the Police closed off the main road as a potential crime scene so it took us a while to get out of the area.

Picture is of my ace canvass team that evening which comprised of mo!, Cllr Ayub Korom Ali, Councillor Ayesha Chowdhury and Giampi Alhadeff who is the General Secretary of the European Parliamentary Labour Party.


Anonymous said...

I am informed that Glenn Kelly made an absolutely stunning contribution at the UNISON NEC today in the debate on membership density.

I say stunning, as the rest of the NEC seemed stunned he had the bloody temerity to even mention it seeing as how he has presided over the loss of so many members from his own branch they now have one of the lowest membership densities in the whole of local government!

Have these people no shame?

Anonymous said...

Three good Europeans on your team then?

Anonymous said...

does kelly
a) represent 10% of all bromley staff
b) a massive 15%

John Gray said...

Hi anons

4 patriotic true Brits as well as being Europeans! (No Hitler Cult worshippers).