Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UNISON National Delegate Conference

I am now completely behind posting on the close of Local Government conference and the start of National Delegate (NDC). It is a really busy time and I hope to catch up with reports on major debates, events, fringes and malicious gossip as and when. Most of it will probably have to wait until next week.

Picture is of top Brighton and Hove Council street cleaner and UNISON member Rob Smith. By co-incidence Rob use to work as a caretaker in my housing office in Tower Hamlets and was a keen and committed UNISON activist. Rob cleans the streets outside my hotel 6am-2pm. We had a brief chat about single status problems in B&H Council.


Bcancer said...

Reserved low pay seats for women this is a sensible and welcome change although I agree it needs to be defined to take accout of regional supplements. On this note we have just had our conference delegation rejected on the basis that the low paid person we have put forward is male even though the delegation as a whole is proportionate: The delegation consisted of 2 black females, one young member (male) and one low paid member (male) Proportionality and fair representation are vital but there should be soem degree of flexibility and common sense in these sorts of circumsntances.

John Gray said...

Hi Bcancer

Please contact me direct. I can only assure you that rules are there for good reasons and applied fairly.