Friday, January 23, 2009

My Election Statement - Regional Council AGM 2009

Further to my last post here is my election statement. I am standing for re-election as the UNISON London Regional Finance Convenor (and as a member of the Regional Health & Safety Sub-Committee).

This election will take place at the Regional Council AGM on Wednesday 4 February 2009. I am also standing for re-election to the Regional Health & Safety sub-Committee.

I am also calling for delegates to support the re-election of Gloria Hanson (Regional Convenor), Conroy Lawrence (Deputy Regional Convenor), Lynn Bentley (Regional Publicity Convenor), Gill Brown (Regional Equalities Convenor) and election of Emma Rolland (Regional Young Persons Convenor).

UNISON is the biggest trade union in London with 130,000 members in the region. There are 152 London branches who are entitled to send delegates to vote at the AGM for Regional Council Officers (I’m applying for one of these posts), the Regional Committee and its sub-committees. If anyone wishes to contact me to discuss my statement with me please ring 07977 285 297 or email via my profile section.
Many thanks

Election Statement: London Regional Finance Convenor 2009

I am currently the Regional Finance Convenor, and strongly believe that strong management of our member’s money is the foundation to organising campaigns that deliver for our members.

If re-elected as the Regional Finance Convenor I will continue to ensure that the member’s money is used to support branches focusing on real issues for real members such as:


Defending the NHS and Pensions

Campaigning for directly provided services and to defend our public services

Campaigning for equalities

Strengthening our influence in Education and in Private Contractors


Financial decisions need to be open and transparent and be easily understood by activists.

I want to make sure that activists better understand the financial support that is available to branches and ensure that the money gets to them to support recruitment and organising campaigns.

The Region has the money to back a growing union – the bigger we are, the stronger we are – let make sure it happens.

I am an experienced branch officer and regional activist for many years (including holding the position of branch treasurer, assistant branch secretary, branch health and safety officer and member nominated representative on Pension panel).

As part of the current lay leadership team, working in partnership with the regional office, we have had significant success in the past three years in strengthening our union in London by bringing greater unity, building participation across the differing service and self organised groups, and building a union to be proud of and I hope to be re-elected to continue the work we have started.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck John I do hope your re-elected. Loving the blog. Keep up the excellent work. Angie Bowen. xx

John Gray said...

Hi Angie
Many thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Hey, John - what Angie said!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone vote for a pillock like you? I don't think I've ever read a blog with such deluded self importance. If it's not bad enough that you're a new labour lackey and support a UNISON regime that has lost every major dispute and run the union into the ground you list all your positions like a bureaucratic train spotter.

Anonymous said...

Did anon get out of bed the wrong side this morning? Or is s/he just totally unaware of the purpose of an election address and blog profiles?

I try to keep up with your blog most days John, and to call you self-important seems to be a wilful misunderstanding of the fact you invariably have something relevant, interesting, and important to say (let's forget the moggy!). Not that I always agree with you - but that's what discussion and the comment boxes are for, surely?

As for being an active supporter of a political party that is making a half-way decent fist of managing a world-sized problem, and an activist in a trade union that has managed to remain a cohesive and positive force for the what its members have said they want to try to achieve and what they'll actually settle for (i.e. real world thinking)- well, it's not such a bad thing, is it?

Keep up the good work and good luck with the elections.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 20.27
It’s a shame that you want to run down the union to suit your own bigoted agenda. But not surprising since you are not interested in the many achievements and successes the union has achieved. There has been disputes were we have not done as well as we should have done. The main reason for this is that many branches have been destroyed by ultra extremists whose membership regard them as being from literally another planet (not even in our milky way either) and refuse to be “vanguarded” by them. That is why we get these horrendously awful responses to strike action in Trot dominated branches. There are a number of non London Unison branches led by people I don’t happen to agree with politically, but at least they can deliver solid member support and solidarity for action.

Hi 07.20
Thanks for the support but I love that post on Jasper!