Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jasper the Cat (beware of foxes?)

Very, very off message but since many bloggers appear to enjoy posting pictures of their animals, especially cats. I am now pleased to post a picture of one of my sister’s cats, Jasper, a pedigree Persian with lots of character, sitting uninvited on her kitchen table last weekend.

I always felt a little left out of it since while I am rather fond of pets we live in a flat without a garden, so we don’t have any.

By coincidence I am just back from our local Labour Party meeting where a longstanding party member told us that she remembers seeing a fox running down the street with a dead cat in its mouth!

I have often wondered about this when you see the desperate placards on street furniture about lost cats? Is this widespread? If so I think that the pro fox hunting brigade may get a spike in support!


Anonymous said...

Becareful of Persian and weapons of mass distraction

keep up the good work comrdae

John Gray said...

will do!
many thanks.