Thursday, January 15, 2009

McNoHoper suspended from Parliament

So “wanna bePrime minister and serial loser, John McDonnell MP, is suspended from Parliament for 5 days for doing a Heseltine and grabbing the House of Commons Mace while shouting down the Speaker.

It must after all be galling for someone who has such a high opinion of himself to have so little influence on anything. So to give himself some publicity he makes a prat of himself.

Blogging MP Tom Harris has a decent post on this issue.

As in national politics, McNoHoper plays to his telephone box audience while ignoring the views of the majority of his constituents. Many of us who have genuine concerns about the proposed Heathrow expansion dispair that an ultra left extremist is trying to "big himself up" and pretend to represent all local sentiment.

No surprise really since you can of course usually judge the person on the quality of their sycophants.

(Caption - the resemblance is remarkable don't you think?)


Anonymous said...

"the resemblance is remarkable don't you think?"


ian said...

Good for John McDonnell.At least he has got some backbone.One of the few MPs I would travel far to campaign for.



Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

I wouldn't normally reply to a sad and bitter personal attack such as this, but can't help noticing this particularly daft bit: "...McNoHoper plays to his telephone box audience while ignoring the views of the majority of his constituents."

How the hell do you know what a majority of his constituents think? Especially those in the village which is being flattened for the new runway?

Have you carried out an opinion poll? Have you got the results

I for one would frankly be amazed if the residents of Sipton were in favour of having their houses bulldozed and cemetery concreted over.

Had you considered that John McDonnell, who holds several constituency meetings a week with local residents, and has a very high personal vote in the area as a result, might know better than you over the other side of London what his constituents want?

I'll ignore the rest of the childish point-scoring.

Anonymous said...

I have to say John
I think he spoke for the people of Hayes when he took the action he did

the villages sipson and Harmondsworth which will be wiped out are Labour voting villages

I too critise John's ultra leftism but on this he was spot on

And it will be very popular with his voters across the political spectrum

John Gray said...

Hi Ginger
You need an eye test methinks

Hi Ian
Fair enough

Hi Jackson
Right, let’s strip this down – regardless of the Heathrow row, McNoHoper is an ultra left extremist whose politics are only supported by a tiny, tiny percentage of population (i.e. telephone box). I pointed out that Tom Harris had written a good post on this issue. In it he points out that probably “many, many” more of McNoHoper’s constituents are in favour of the expansion than against because (the bleeding obvious) they are directly or indirectly employed at the airport. I see that the TUC and Unite are founder members of Future Heathrow (the pro-expansion group). He also points out that it has been Labour Policy to support a third run way since before the election.

Frankly I am amazed that this serial rebel and disloyal MP with practically no political support whatever thinks he has any right to block government policy. He then has a public temper tantrum in front of the camera. The arrogance of the man is unbelievable.

Hi Anon
Show‘em no quarter!

Charlie Marks said...

The point that everyone is missing is that Parliament will not get a vote on this issue.

That's what angered John, he can't say to his constituents at the next election "I voted for/against this" because he didn't get a say.

A bit like the leadership election that never was, isn't it?

The cabinet no nothing about democracy.

Anonymous said...

have to re state that while their is support in Hayes for expansion.

The vast majority oppose thats why all the political parties in Hillingdon oppose.

Heathrow while laying in Hillingdon tends to attract staff from Hounslow

Anonymous said...

McDonnell represents no one save himself and his IRA pals. He is a damned disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Thats why he gets 60% of the votes in Hayes

how many votes did you get anon

Anonymous said...

sinn Fein/IRA are now in power or hadnt you noticed

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
I don’t think that anyone is denying that the 3rd runway was a Labour promise?

If a Tory Shire MP had a similar arrogant temper tantrum over a NIMBY issue we would all rightly condemn him.