Friday, January 30, 2009

Luke on Why Lib Dem's won yesterday in Valentines Ward

At the risk of it sounding just like “sour grapes” I thought this was interesting analysis reported by Luke. "There was also a by election in Redbridge yesterday, which the Liberal Democrats won. Their literature concentrated on Redbridge Council’s foreign policy and used some pretty unpleasant pictures of Gaza.

Interestingly they broke a cardinal rule by naming an opponent, just one - the Leader of the Council, Cllr Alan Weinberg.I am also told from friends campaigning in the ward, that there were people knocking on doors, speaking of Gaza and mentioning what Conservative Cllr Weinberg and the Labour Foreign Secretary have in common - which was why their respective parties were not campaigning on the council’s foreign policy.

I wonder who should be ashamed of that deceit?" East London Tory Agent Peter Golds.

Maybe after the “respect” candidacy imploded the mysterious “canvassers” that I saw last night mentioned here were those out spreading such frankly racist filth.


Luke Akehurst said...

Actually John the analysis was by Tory Agent Peter Golds, I just quoted it.

John Gray said...

Hi Luke
Ah! - Yes, I now see.

I assume that you are sympathetic to his view?

John Gray said...

...I've now updated it to "reported by Luke".

ian said...


No comment on the Refinery Wild cat strikes yet, John?

Anonymous said...

Every time you lose an election why do you assume it was underhand, scheming and a lack of fair play that swung it. Can't you get it that people have had two Labour governments and can now clearly see the ruinous state of the country?

Anonymous said...

I see Anonymous trot has waded in as usual with some predictable quote! Why dont you join the tory party? You are the best advertisement for them,people are just not interested in joke beano workers revolutions!Your politics are such a giant bore nad waste of space!

Anonymous said...

British jobs for British workers!
No more boom or bust!

Anonymous said...

Its great to see the Labour peers in Blairs "House of Lords" following their base instincts...they have made it too their Lordships table but now their true breeding emerges and they just can't keep their hands to themselves. How much does it cost to get a Labour peer to change the Law of the Land for selfish business interest? Is this what House of Lord reform was all about? Getting Labour cronies in so that they could stuff their pockets. The funny thing was listening to their inevitable denials only to then hear and see the tapes of them boasting about the laws they had amended. What a laugh. Its not Boris that needs investigating its your own party. Maybe they took their lead from the first PM in history to be interviewed by the Police!

Anonymous said...

Marko Spart - stick to the WI mate.

John Gray said...

Hi Ian
I’m writing something up – hopefully post tonight. I like the stuff you reported on Unites campaign against social dumping.

Hi Anon
You would have a point if every time Labour lost I blamed it on underhand scheming and lack of fair play. But I don’t. We got beaten in 2 out of the 3 recent by-elections fair and square.

I assume you don’t see anything wrong with what respect did then?

Hi Marko North-West
I wouldn’t wish them on anyone!

Hi Anon 2
Yes, things do come back to haunt politicians. I’ll post on “Jobs for British workers” tonight – Enjoy!

Hi Anon 3
Yep – if they have been caught with their hands in the till then regardless of Party they should be held account for it. I assume you also made the pointless “WI” remark.