Saturday, January 17, 2009

Evening Standard up for sale for £1 – Associated Newspapers losing millions

Such a shame.
(Hat tip thingy to Col. Roi)


Anonymous said...

Just fancy that....The general secretaries of Britain's 15 biggest unions earn between £80,000 and £110,000 in basic salary, the latest accounts show.

But some union bosses can earn almost double their salary in benefits, according to new figures which contrast sharply with the millions of union members worried about their job security during a period of financial uncertainty.

Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, Britain's biggest trade union, received £89,035 in benefits on top of his £105,217 salary in 2007 - the largest package of any general secretary.

Despite pledging to be a "no-frills" leader when he was elected in 2002, Mr Simpson's total pay and perks, which include pension, housing benefit, employers' national insurance and car benefit, came to £194,252.

Mr Simpson's salary and benefits work out at £82,050 more than the other joint general secretary at Unite, Tony Woodley.

Mr Woodley's own perks came under scrutiny last month when it was reported he was seeking a lump sum of up to £100,000 to vacate a heavily subsidised London flat granted to him as an inter-union favour by the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions (CSEU).

Details about the internal workings of trade unions are held by the certification officer, whose website outlines the salaries and benefits of a number of union general secretaries.

Keith Norman, the general secretary of Aslef, the train drivers' union, received £21,141 for car and accommodation on top of his £71,381 gross salary.

Dave Prentice, who runs Unison, receive £11,646 in expenses and a car, while Paul Kenny, the head of GMB, received £8,000 for car travel and £26,000 pension contributions on top of his £81,000 salary.

Anonymous said...

Lets just look at the Tory front bench
all millionaires

how come busisness is so intrestead in having them as Directors

who funds the Tories Ashcroft from Belieze

Union General secretary pay and allowences are published let the Tory front bench do the same

Anonymous said...

I dont know many multi million pound organisation where the chief exec does not earn £100k a year

can you name one

Anonymous said...

At least trade unions print their wages how about the Tories doing that

Anonymous said...

All General secretaries are elected unlike Michael ashcroft

who is not elected yet funds the Tories from a tax haven in Latin America

Anonymous said...

How about some comments on the level of their pay and allowances compared to their Union members...why the lack of "fat cat" comments - don't draw the Tories into it - you keep telling us they are not fighting for the workers and low paid - but these heroes of the working class are! It makes me sick. Double standards, noses in the trough..

John Gray said...

This is just silly. How on earth can you compare the union GS with he $4.6 Billion paid out to 4 banks in bonuses.

Anonymous said...

The average GP earns £150k a year
get real

Anonymous said...

well annon tell us how much you earn and we will compare that with the average for your job

Iam sure we can find someone to do it for cheaper

or maybe Tory boy you havent got a job just like the millionaires on the Tory front Bench

Anonymous said...

So you are fully supportive of the Union bosses getting this level of think that the low paid workers who subscribe to these unions are happy that Derek Simpson gets 194K in pay and allowances? This is unjustifiable by any measure. Bankers bonuses were unjustified, and guess what - so is this! What happened to leading from the front? setting an example? Apparently these are not qualities that are much understood by labour. What's the average monthly levy for a low paid worker to Unison? These people are quick to condemn but they should get their own house in order first. Scandalous.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Apologies for the delay in replying. Been a bit busy. But, I think that you are losing the plot somewhat. I’m not sure that many GP’s earn £150k plus but I am aware of senior nurses and teachers who earn £100k per year. I am not against people being highly rewarded for exceptional work (provided they pay their taxes). But you cannot even begin to compare the salary paid to Simpson with the £26 million paid to the Barclays, Bob Diamond, last year. You are just off completely and utterly off your head if you do.

Anonymous said...

Yes union general sectaries like any other leaders (at least they are elected) deserve the rate for the job

a multi million pound organisation, such as charities pay the rate for the job

we are not talking millions like Tory bankers

Anonymous said...

Good to see Labour supporter Coyne is set to win Unite Gen Sec election

oh joy and just to think the trots went to court to get an election

and then they get New Labour

what a laugh

Anonymous said...

It is an Amicus election, not a Unite election. Ps. Paul Reuter is the better choice..!