Monday, July 11, 2011

I am an innocent man...

Once upon a time, in the strange twilight LaLa world of Newham Toryland, there was an extremely unpleasant anonymous smear blog called Newhamtoryminitrue. Now, this horrid, horrid blog, apart from being typically Tory misogynic and homophobic, was also run by very incompetent Goblins called the cry-babies.

One night the cry-babies were up very late carrying out their evil works and were very, very tired. So tired and emotional, that they went to bed without remembering to back up their site properly. When they woke up the next morning, they realised that they had been really, really naughty and had lost for ever and ever a number of their very worse smear posts.

Fearing the wrath of their evil master, the skinhead Ogre, Big Bad Mikey, they pretended that some very wicked wizard called grayee had cast a magic spell on their blog and had set mystical “spammers to scrape IP addresses from our website and set up spiders to trawl it”!  Such was the power of this magical spell by grayee that they lost all their smear posts! Poor old Big Bad Mikey believes everything he is told and said to them not to worry. He will get his long lost cousin to write hundreds of mysterious letters to the local paper and FOI requests in pretend names exposing the wicked wizard grayee and all will be well.....  

(I think only 36 people in the entire world have a clue what I am going on about so apologies to everyone else.  Enjoy the video.  Great song.)
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