Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Why join UNISON


(hat tip our number one recruiter Joseph and his standard email to potential members)

"Hi Fellow Worker

Further to our discussion, you can join UNISON online via the link below:


Signing up is very straight forward.

Once you’re a member feel free to seek any work related advice you may need from me or John Gray who is the Clarion UNISON Convenor. I have copied him in for reference.

Please note you will not be able to get any legal representation (cases requiring referral to the Trade Union branch or being lodged at Employment Tribunal) regarding any work related issues that occurred prior to you being a member.

It is after being a member for four weeks and any work related issues arising after this period, that you would be able to get legal representation.

During the four weeks you can only get email and telephone advice about work related issues.


7 reasons to join UNISON

 Each of our 1.4 million members has their own reasons for joining UNISON.

 But every one receives our help and support.

Legal Help – For you at work and your family at home

2.    Financial Assistance – And debt advice in times of need

3.    Compensation – For you and your family

4.    Discounts – Including money off cars and holidays

5.    Helpline –  Our helpline is open until midnight weekdays, and 4pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays

6.    Training – To help develop your career

7.    Support – We’ll be with you when you need it most

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