Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Last weeks Keto (low carb diet) highlights


I have been on a Keto (low carb) diet since June and so far it has worked (I have lost 23 pounds with 6 more to go). I have been exercising as well and cheating massively from time to time. I know it is not great to exclude a major food group from any diet but so far this has worked for me with no apparent side effects. 

Top meal of the week was a keto full english at Pellicci's in Bethnal Green (apparently the Kray's favourite cafe). Next was Skinny Chicken, beef burgers, bacon, cheese and salad at Spoons. Pork chops, gravy & broccoli at home. Skinny Sirloin and salad at Spoons (lots of evening meetings at Stratford and East Ham Town Hall which currently have spoons nearby). Tuna, salmon & avocado mixed salad. All yum.

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