Saturday, November 19, 2022

Newham Street Count: 17.11.22


Picture is of local volunteers, Council officers and Councillors about to go out at midnight on Thursday to take our part in the UK annual nationwide street count of people sleeping rough. We also had observers to verify our results from the civil service and academia. 

While this national survey takes place once a year, in Newham, we also carry out mini surveys every 2 months. 

This time I was a driver/lead of a team of 3, with Tim who is a volunteer from the "NewDay" project and Burt, who is a senior lecturer in the London School of Economics. 

We went to a Newham postcode and local park that I have been to on previous counts many times. Despite the recent awful wet and rainy weather, we found 4 people sleeping on the streets in a doorway. 3 of whom were still awake and content to speak to us about their situation and what help they need. We took details which we passed on at the end of the count to enable outreach workers to go out and speak to them that morning (their shift started at 5.30am). 

I don't know what the other teams found but the local and national results will be published soon. 

Many, many thanks to Council manager Ajitha and her team for their hard work and commitment.  

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