Friday, November 11, 2022

Armistice Day - Newham Central Park Cenotaph 2022 (and searching for Alf Wells, Clarion Cycles, KIA 1914)


This morning I attended yet another very moving Armistice Day memorial at the Cenotaph in Central Park. As well as the usual suspects (myself included) there was I think around 200 children from local schools gathered around Cenotaph, many of whom actively participated in the ceremony. 

At the end I searched the Cenotaph for mention of Alf Wells, who was a member of the local branch of the Clarion Cycles Club, who was killed in action in 1914. This was for a UNISON colleague interested in Labour history.  There was 2 surnames with Wells on the cenotaph but no one with an initial with "A". However, "Alf" could have been a nickname or even a middle name. I will continue to search for Alf.

Many thanks to the Royal British Legion, the local Newham Schools , their staff and especially historian, Lee Skeggs, for making this such a special and important event. 

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