Monday, November 07, 2022

John at 60

I am amazed at being 60. I still don't feel at all "old" (whatever that means nowadays) but how on earth did this happen - 60??? 

I have my London + 60 free travel card and I am also now due to receive a small pension from a past employment, so I will officially be a "pensioner"! Crikey. 

I still have 7 years until I reach state retirement age, a very demanding full time job, trade union and Councillor responsibilities and "touch wood" reasonable good health. So still got lots and lots of things to do and achieve. 

So in spite of being 60 - watch this space. 

Many thanks to my lovely wife Gill for this wonderful Collage. 


1 comment:

John Gray said...

thanks John. I am still amazed!