Friday, June 25, 2021

Newham Weekly Covid-19 Statistics (get vaccinated!)

Hat tip my ward Councillor, Rachel Trip, "Finally, a reminder of why getting vaccinated is more important than ever: rates are rising, as per this week’s infographic. The sun may be out but Covid is still with us. Wear a mask, socially distance and get the jab. #wearevaccinated"


Anonymous said...

Those statistics baffle me. If more people are getting vaccinated, then the number of cases should be flat or going down. Those rising number do not paint a pretty picture for winter. We have higher cases in 2021 and then in 2020.

Wearing a mask, has killed off the flu. The health experts have got it wrong, when they said there would be a double whammy of flu and Covid cases last winter. Covid cases were out of control, but flu was non-existent.

John Gray said...

I think the issue is that there are rising cases because the latest variant spreads more quickly but because of vaccination there are far, far less hospital admissions and deaths.

Yes, the low cases of flu shows that in the future we should not just "accept" high death rates but take measures to protect the vulnerable.

Maybe what happened to BBC reporter Andrew Marr case is telling. He got covid despite being doubled jabs at the G7 summit (obvious risk) but despite his very serious underlying medical conditions he was not hospitalised.

Or maybe he is just a super tough scot