Sunday, June 13, 2021

Using the Labour Party doorstep app to stay safe & speak to voters (about squirrels in attics?)


On Saturday morning we had a training event for Newham Labour Councillors on campaigning in general and also on the Party doorstep app. Instead of printing out sheets of names and addresses of residents for canvassing teams to knock on doors and speak to voters, this information is down loaded onto a mobile smart phone. The results of these conversations can then also be uploaded automatically (a great advantage since quite often such data collected on sheets is not inputted). 

During the recent East Ham Central by election we used doorstep and while it is not perfect it was much better than the traditional method. While mobile phones batteries can die in the middle of a session so could pens run out of ink. 

There are a number of very informative videos on the Labour Party website at the Webinar Library "Using Campaign Technology Tools". 

After the training we had a "dialogue" telecanvassing session in our target wards. During which I spoke to one life long Labour supporter who is (quite rightly) refusing to support us locally until we sort out the squirrels who are  apparently running riot are in the communal attic above her. I will ask local ward councillors to intervene. 

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