Thursday, May 06, 2021

Vote Labour, Vote Labour, Vote Labour - 3 votes for Labour in London: Mayor, Assembly member & Party


Braving the rain yesterday evening with Plaistow South Canvass teams and our super active Labour City and East Candidate, Unmesh Desai.

(In the East Ham Central ward by election they have a fourth Labour vote for Farah Nazeer)


Anonymous said...

Hartlepool... told you.

Anonymous said...


Where can people write in to put a suggestions for a change to a Labour party's policy? So that it ends up in the manifesto?

I don't to write to the local MP. Should I write to the shadow MP within the Labour party? Is that allowed. Do they deal both with constituency matters as well their shadow Labour policy? Who decides labour policies?

Or should I write directly to the Labour Party HQ?