Sunday, May 09, 2021

Walking in Otford, Kent

Off message. Last Sunday we drove to Otford for a marvellous 6 mile circular walk. It took 50 minutes but there is also a local train station. I had thought that I knew this part of Kent well, but this website was a real find. 

It was quite hilly for southern England but nothing too strenuous. Superb bluebell woods, great views and some secluded picnic spots.  


Anonymous said...

I love these Green open spaces, but it is a pity Newham just looks like a pile of bricks.

Some of the new build developments, are just hard paved surfaces.

Why can't Newham be like this as shown in the photo:

Anonymous said...

It is frustrating about the lack of toilets. I travelled elsewhere for a day trip. The NT web site said their toilets were shut. NT properties are still shut to visitors, but their gardens are open to the public. However, most have been pre-booked for up to two weeks ahead. It is hard to predict the weather so far ahead.

A few months ago, needed to use the toilet in Central London, but restaurants were open, but only for take away. They would n't let me use the toilet, even if I paid them.

If councils don't want to provide public toilets, but they need to re-think to provide those coin operated toilet booths.