Sunday, May 16, 2021

Thanks Jim for Voting Denise Thomas and John Gray as your UNISON NEC representatives for Community members

Many thanks to Jim D from Glasgow who sent me via my personal facebook a series of questions about my views on issues, I responded and then a little later he sent this photo of his completed ballot paper. Many thanks Jim!

I have received a number of telephone calls, WhatsApp messages and emails from UNISON members, up and down the country, asking me questions or for advice on who to vote for. Many have read all the election statements but are confused about processes and who they can or cannot vote for. UNISON members will all have several votes.  It can be a little confusing.  

So I would urge UNISON members who work in Community organisations (For example Housing Associations and Charities) to consider voting for John GRAY and Denise THOMAS

However, if you are a member of any Greater London UNISON branch you can vote for 4 NEC members regardless of which "Service Group" you belong too. 

I will be voting for :-

Female Seats: Sonya HOWARD and Clara MASON

Male Seat: Eddie BRAND

Reserved Seat: Eunice WHYTE

Other recommendations are as below:-

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