Sunday, March 14, 2021

Just had my 1st Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca

 This evening I had my first jab in Westfields Stratford. It went very smoothly. There was no queue outside and despite being a little early I was allowed straight in. The security at the door gave me a new face mask and showed me how to access the hand cleansing dispenser. He asked me whether I felt at all unwell and tested my temperature with a hand held scanner to my forehead. 

I then went to a receptionist who took my reference number and again asked questions about whether I felt unwell or not. Then I was led into a waiting area for 5-10 minutes. The vaccine centre itself was very large with high ceilings and I felt safe because there was plenty of room for social distancing. 

Next I was escorted to a bay with 3 staff who, again, asked me questions about my health and am I on any medication to thin my blood or any known allergies to injections. They had to check that my taking part in a monthly national survey for the ONS (monthly blood and swab tests to see if I have or ever had Covid) was a problem. The doctor in charge came to speak to me and agreed it was not. 

I then had the injection (AstraZeneca) which was completely painless and I didn't need a plaster. The whole process took about 20 minutes and so far (3 hours since) there has been no side effects. 

Many thanks to all the staff for treating me in such a professional and respectful manner. 

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