Friday, March 12, 2021

Back to the office?

Yesterday, I went back to my branch UNISON office in Holloway Road, North London to pick up mail and some recruitment materials that I had left there pre-Covid. Since I was carrying back some bulky items I drove there and experienced the joy of the commute (NOT). 

We rent the office inside a normally well used and busy resource centre. It was strange to see the centre and the office so quiet and still. 

By coincidence pre-Covid the branch executive was discussing whether we needed to have a permanent office in a fixed location. 

Now, like many organisations we need to think afresh about whether there should be different ways of working. A possible blend of office and home working?  

While home working has worked very well for some it has been pretty dreadful for others. If you live in a bedsit/HMO or if you are trying to home school kids and work from a over crowded flat you will have a very different perspective. 

Lets see what happens.  I don't think there is any need for organisations to rush into any long term decisions. It is too early to say that the end of the office is nigh. 

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