Friday, March 26, 2021

THANK YOU BIN CREWS: COVID-19 Community Heroes


Love it. Sent to me by a former Newham Council worker, who now lives in a part of Norfolk I know well since there are a number of UNISON members I represent who work there. 

Lets properly honour all our COVID-19 Community Heroes by giving them a decent pay rise. 

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Anonymous said...

You praise the bin crews.

However, can you tell me why they leave the bins with lids open after collection?

If someone was on holiday, it would easy to tell which home was unoccupied, because the bin lid has been open for days. It is ripe of a burglary.

They often don't put the bins back to the right houses. Made worse, by some collection being made late at night.

When you have those giant wheelie bins (the one for blocks of flats), in my area, they never put them back in place. They are big bulky item. Which resident is supposed to put back the communal bin back in place?