Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cattle back in Wanstead Park

This is sort of "off message" but I loved going to say hello today to the Longhorn cattle that have been reintroduced into Wanstead Park (part of Epping Forest run by the City of London about 10 minutes walk from Newham). This is an experiment and I hope it goes well. 

Before BSE (Mad Cow disease) in late 1980's there was cattle roaming freely in nearby Wanstead flats and Wanstead Park. Which was at times was very weird living in London. Since we often had to chase cattle out of our gardens (eating our hedge) and guide them back to the heathland along busy roads. 

Children love seeing the cows (and their parents) and I really hope that this experiment works and that they are reintroduced to the Wanstead flats as well as the park. 

In the past drovers from as far away as Wales would drive their cattle to the flats to rest and fatten up their herds before selling them to London butchers. 

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