Tuesday, September 08, 2020



Yesterday evening I took part in an "online Peoples Assembly" to support staff at East London University (UEL) under threat of redundancy due to impact of Covid-19. 

At this moment the university is consulting on making massive redundancies. I offered solidarity and support in my political and trade union role and made the point during my contribution that the future of UEL is massively important to Newham Council. If it sacks much of its teaching and support staff then its future is in doubt. 

UEL should be a key "Anchor Institution" for Newham Council's Community Wealth Building. We want our young people and other students from around the UK or the world to go to UEL, get educated, then stay and work in Newham, then start new businesses and services in Newham. We want to work with UEL and other institutions to tackle the scourge of poverty low pay and worker exploitation.

If UEL sack their staff then students will not get the education they expect and go elsewhere. 

The Mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz has met with UEL trade unions and we fully support their campaign. 

It was good to see Zita and Unmesh were also speaking but I had to go off early to another Newham event. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks John and Labour comrades for your vital support. Stay tuned as staff keep fighting for quality student-centred teaching and learning and jobs at UEL, Newham's community-facing university.

John Gray said...

Just deleted a troll.