Sunday, September 22, 2019

Labour Party Conference 2019: Sunday #Lab19 (twitter)

Feeling very smug that managed to go for run this morning. I was/am looking a little rough for some reason. Will I make it tomorrow?

At @thefabians @unions21 #Lab19 fringe on does labour have a progressive plan for the NHS?

Now at @LGAcomms #councilscan fringe on why the Queens speech important for local government #LabourConference2019 #Lab19

My question to the panel was at recent #LGA conference to my surprise both the former & new conservative Chairs were very supportive of council housing? They sounded like speakers at a Defend council housing rally. Does this signal change?

Cllr Nick Forbes said in Tory party their councillors have more power & influence over policy than Labour

Next fringe Newham Mayor @rokhsanafiaz explaining the horror of austerity & the devastation it has caused. Our budget cut by 60%, 27k waiting list, 1:24 residents are homeless, overcrowding. Need #JC4PM. But not just waiting for @UKLabour victory, paying #livingwage, building 1k counci homes ...taking on the banks who caused austerity over toxic #lobo loans, saving us £143 million.

At #communitywealthbuilding Fringe #LabourConference2019 #Lab19. A relaxed social with expert panel. It is fantastic that there so many #CWB projects in councils up and down the country

On Sunday had very relaxed pleasant Newham Labour social

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