Sunday, June 02, 2019

Send in the Clowns...

Hat tip Bryan K "Is it just me? or are we about to be led by clowns? I think we are f**ked!"

I couldn't possibly comment.

UPDATE: Facebook has has taken down this post because it "goes against their community standards on spam"! I have challenged this nonsense. 


Anonymous said...

Send in the clowns? Err? How much did Newham lose in their mismanagement of their own public works department? And how many people faced the music for that massive piece of labour council incompetence? Um? that would be no one.
Instead of involving yourselves in national political issues try administering your own organization... the ratepayers who funded your last fiasco would be grateful.

John Gray said...

Hi Cowardly anon

Wakey, wakey. Check what was done about this and holding those responsible to account

There is a serious issue that Newham does not benefit from a serious opposition. We have mostly (not all) useless social media key board warriors who are too lazy to knock on doors and talk with residents.

Which is a shame but...

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you can do?
How many RMS employees have been taken to court...?
"We want to create an effective system of internal controls, establish clear checks and balances and make Newham Council a beacon of best practice". Every member of the council is Labour...Why didn't the Labour council do this before? Talk about locking the stable door after the horse has bolted! It's easy being wise after the event, but even you must agree this was sheer financial and management incompetence on a staggering level.. I hope you are not managing my pension as well John.

John Gray said...

Yawn. incompetence is not a criminal offence (lucky for you or you will be having the "6 O'Clock" knock most weeks methinks).

The managers (and politicians) responsible are no longer "around".

I might in deed anonymous troll be managing your pension.