Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"Last Week they were thanking us for saving the free world in 1944...This week they have taken our TV licence off us..."

Shocking but the blame lies with this Tory Government for this cut - not the BBC.

Free TV licences for the over 75's was a long standing policy which was paid for by the Government. Then the Government said they will not pay for it anymore.

Are we now going to start jailing D-Day veterans for not paying for their TV licences?

What a cruel and incompetent Government we have.



Unknown said...

I agree they should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

The Government didn't make this decision at all...the BBC did.
As a tax and licence payer I would prefer not to contribute towards the over inflated salaries of the presenter fat cats. Why not limit their pay to that of err say..the PM?..and then use the millions saved to provide a free TV licence? After all the Newham Labour council presided over the shambolic overspend of its own services department for years and I don't see any of you lot being held to account...?
I guess it didn't happen on your watch..right…! Of course...

John Gray said...

nonsense troll. The Government have paid for over 75s for decades. They then suddenly told the BBC they had to find the money from the licence fee. Blaming the BBC is even more cowardly than you troll.

You may have noticed that all the former members of the executive responsible for oversight are either no longer elected or hold no positions. Read the report.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right... the BBC fat cats are exactly what is wrong with this "public service" broadcaster. The BBC should economise before punishing pensioners.. public bodies always demand more money...bit like the council!

John Gray said...

Hi Troll

Fancy supporting taking benefits away from our war heroes. Shame on you