Wednesday, April 17, 2019

UNISON #UNEC19 Elections - Regional seat contests

My recommendations for UNISON regional seats. You can vote for regional and national candidates and for those in your own "service group" (see below - Health, Local Government, Community, Higher Education and Energy)

Service Group Seats
Health - General Seat - James Anthony; Female Seat- Pat Heron; Female Seat - Jenny Forbes-Reid; Male Seat- Gordon McKay

Local Government - General Seat- Maggie Griffin; Female Seat- Maxine Rowden; Female Seat- Kati Conway; Male Seat- Peter Crewes

Community - General Seat- John Gray; Female Seat- Denise Thomas

Higher Ed - General Seat- Dan Beard; Female Seat- Katie Hall

Energy – Tracey Wainwright

Black members seats
Male Seat- Ash Dobi
Female Seat- Manjula Kumari
Female Seat - Sandra Okwara

Disabled members seats

Female Seat- Katrina Murray

Young members seats
Female Seat - Kendal Bromley-Bewes

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