Monday, April 29, 2019

Not received your ballot papers yet? Call 0800 0857 857 UNISON NEC Elections 2019 #UNEC19

If you have not received your UNISON NEC 2019 ballot papers yet to your home postal address then ring 0800 0857 857 to ask for another set of ballot papers to be sent out.

You do not need your UNISON membership number and you still have time to ask for replacement ballot papers and to return them.

UNISON members can vote for their Regional candidates (e.g London if you work here),
their Service Group (e.g Community is you work for a housing association or voluntary sector)
and Self Organised Seats (e.g Black and Disabled members)

Once you get your papers my personal recommendations are :-

Regional Seats

Service Group Seats

Health - General Seat - James Anthony; Female Seat- Pat Heron; Female Seat - Jenny Forbes-Reid; Male Seat- Gordon McKay

Local Government - General Seat- Maggie Griffin; Female Seat- Maxine Rowden; Female Seat- Kati Conway; Male Seat- Peter Crewes

Community - General Seat- John Gray; Female Seat- Denise Thomas

Higher Ed - General Seat- Dan Beard; Female Seat- Katie Hall

Energy – Tracey Wainwright

Black members seats

Male Seat- Ash Dobi
Female Seat- Manjula Kumari
Female Seat - Sandra Okwara

Disabled members seats

Female Seat- Katrina Murray

Young members seats

Female Seat - Kendal Bromley-Bewes

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