Sunday, April 07, 2019

"London Calling" UNISON NEC Elections 2019 recommendations

1.3 million UNISON members will be able to vote for their new National Executive Council (NEC) members from April 15. Ballot papers will be sent to their home address (Check My UNISON to make sure your address details are up to date ) with a pre-paid envelope to return. Due to government restrictions you cannot vote online or via your mobile phone.

"The union’s national executive council (NEC) is elected by members to speak on their behalf.

NEC members are elected by all members of UNISON via a postal vote. Members elect candidates to represent their region and their service group. There are also additional seats for Black members, young members and disabled members.

As with all other UNISON elections, the union’s principles of “proportionality and fair representation” means that some seats are reserved for women and low-paid members, so that the make-up of the NEC fairly represents the wider union.

Elections take place every two years, with members receiving a ballot paper with a prepaid envelope to return it to an independent scrutineer (an independent person who checks the ballot is fair and counts the votes)".

In the list above, I have made recommendations to UNISON members in the Greater London region on who to support. These are nearly all in line with the nominations made by my branch.

While all eligible London members will be able to vote for regional and national seats, they can also vote for their own "service" group candidates. NHS workers can vote in the health service group  elections, Council workers in the Local Government service group, college workers for Higher Education service group etc.

For example, I am a member of Community Service Group (Housing Associations and Voluntary sector) so I can vote for Greater London Regional seats (Cynthia, Sonya & Eddie); Community candidates (Denise and a certain John Gray); Black Members (Manjula, Sandra & Ash) and Disabled members (Katrina).

Only members aged under 27 can vote for Kendal for the Young Member seat (I have only just missed out obviously).

Regardless of who you vote for I hope that all UNISON members will exercise their right to be part of our union's democracy and take part in this really important election. 

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