Friday, April 12, 2019

Hope Not Hate Action Fund

Hi everyone,

My name is Robbie Mullen. I asked HOPE not hate if I could send this email to say thank you to everyone who sent me a message since the end of the trial at the Old Bailey last week.

The last few years have been a bit mad to be honest. I don’t know how else to put it. But it’s been great to have all these good wishes from people who have seen the news about Jack Renshaw and his murder plot.

I want to take this chance to say a bit about how this happened.

I first became interested in far right politics when I was quite young — when Nick Griffin was elected as an MEP actually. In about 2015 I began going to a few NF demos and became almost addicted to following the far right and far left online. I ended up joining National Action. We hated everything and everyone and if I’m honest it made us feel like we were superior.

There were some very disturbing people in NA. Everyone was obsessed about training for a race war. You’ve probably read that Jack Renshaw is a paedophile, but he wasn’t the only one.

Well before Jack told us about his plan to murder Rosie Cooper MP, I’d decided that the whole thing wasn’t for me. But NA wasn’t something you resign from. I couldn’t just hand my membership card back. And anyway, I’m not a grass and wouldn’t have dreamed of going to my local police. So I went to HOPE not hate. I contacted them because they — and in particular Matthew Collins — had never stopped going after us. Matthew got under National Action’s skin so much, it just seemed obvious to me he should be the one to go to.

I’m not the first person that HOPE not hate have helped get out of the far right and I won’t be the last. At least I hope not, because there’s lots more Jack Renshaws out there.

I’ve seen some messages from people saying stay safe and worrying about my photo being online and what not. HOPE not hate have been looking after me, and the people still involved in NA know exactly who I am already. If having my story out there can help others avoid the life I got into then it’s no loss to me.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Thank you again to Matthew Collins, Nick Lowles, and to every HOPE not hate supporter who’s been in touch or helped during this whole thing.


The HOPE Action Fund

We've launched a new way to help sustain our work to challenge, close down, and defeat the far right.

Why? Despite our recent success foiling a neo-nazi terror plot to murder a Labour MP, the threat of the far right remains.

Donald Trump is openly appealing to white nationalists, and protesters are taking to the street to support 'Tommy Robinson' and his Islamophobic agenda.

Our research work is more vital than ever, and we need to be ready now for the next fight.

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