Saturday, March 31, 2018

Housing Civic Academy - Saturday 7th April, 11:30am-5pm

(My father helped form a successful private sector tenants union in Buckley, North Wales in the early 1960's following Tory attacks on tenants.  A London Renters union is desperately needed. I am out of London on Saturday but wish this initiative well)

"Housing Civic Academy with TELCO, St. Stephen’s Church and London Renters Union!
Are you facing rent increases? Have you had a landlord who’s slow to fix disrepair in your household? Have you ever had your deposit stolen?

Everyone knows someone affected by the housing crisis in London. We need to come together to transform the housing system & support each other with our housing issues.

Established east London community organisers TELCO (The East London Citizens Organisation), London Renters Union &St. Stephen’s Church community welcome you to an afternoon Housing Civic Academy at St.Winefride’s Primary School in Manor Park, Newham. We will share knowledge around housing problems families across Newham are facing and build a community that looks out for one another.

This is a great opportunity to receive training around renters rights, hear from inspiring community groups who have led winning campaigns and plan the next steps towards taking action.

Teas and coffees provided. If you are able to, please contribute to a bring and share lunch!

Please contact Amina on or 07729 044 081 if you have any questions or concerns.

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