Friday, October 27, 2017

Be a Labour and Co-op Councillor (Need to Join Co-op Party by Tuesday 31 October)

This is a little complicated but if you are a Labour Party member, who believes in the Co-operative movement and have been selected to stand for Labour at next year's May 2018 local elections....

bear with me...

and if you also want to stand as a Labour and Cooperative Candidate (the Labour and Co-operative Party have a pact between them) then you should :- a member of the CO-OP PARTY (obviously) before the 31 October 2017.

and you will also have to persuade, if you are standing in a "multi member ward" next year, that all your fellow Labour candidates in that ward, want to be a Labour and Co-op candidate and are members of the Co-op (both parties by 31.10.17).

You also have to be a member of an actual Co-op to be a member of the Co-operative Party such as a retail or saving co-op and then get the formal endorsement of the Party. You are also strongly advised to attend Co-op party training events.

Job done. Then get yourself actually elected at the next elections.

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