Friday, August 12, 2016

Sports Direct AGM: Vote FOR resolution 19

Check out this post by Tom P (see below). If you really think that Sports Direct is acting in a
disgusting and inhumane way to its workforce then contact your pension or insurance provider and ask them to  make sure their fund managers vote for Resolution 19.

Look at your latest statement and find an email or telephone number and let your savings providers know what you think they should do if they own shares in this workhouse.

"I've blogged quite a bit about Sports Direct previously, now it's your chance to do something about it.

The Sports Direct AGM takes place on 7th September, and the company has just issued its notice of meeting. Resolution 19 has been filed by Unite and Trade Union Share Owners in response to the appalling workplace practices that have been exposed at the company's ShireBrook facility.

The resolution calls for the company to undertake a genuinely independent review of its workforce practices, using an organisation or person acceptable to both the board and workforce. This review should look at issues such as the Living Wage, secure employment (the split between temporary & permanent), training and development and union recognition.  

Given everything that has happened at Sports Direct over the past year there is nothing at all controversial in what is being asked for. This is a sensible resolution, with a clear and reasonable ask at a company which has demonstrably failed to manage its workforce properly. Any responsible shareholder should Vote FOR Resolution 19.

If you are a trustee, you need to ask your asset managers how they intend to vote on the resolution NOW. And if you don't like what they say you should instruct them how to vote.

To all colleagues in the labour movement please do all you can to raise awareness of the vote, and to encourage those who are shareholders to make sure they vote in favour.

Vote FOR resolution 19

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