Monday, August 29, 2016

Bristol Street Art

Just back from a holiday. I spent the first week based in Bristol sightseeing. What struck me was the number of colourful "Street Art" creations on various private buildings. Some were better than others but the best would make you stop and stare.

Bristol is believed to be the birthplace of the infamous Banksy but the only one I recognised was the (vandalised) "Naked Man" work.

During a day trip to Bath, I went to a more traditional Art Gallery which I enjoyed and would recommend if you are into that sort of thing but I thought at the time that in comparison, at its best "Street Art", was far more interesting and left a greater impression on me.

There was a couple of organised "Street Art" walking tours around Bristol which I didn't manage to fit in on this visit.

Last month I posted here a picture of the newly painted Street Art in Holbrook Road, West Ham ward, E15. Another one is planned soon. Maybe in future years Bristol will have some competition!

Bristol itself is a great place to explore. Lots of history, culture, shops, bars and "foodie" restaurants.  The waterfront and docks are well worth a visit. I will post on some walks another time. 

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