Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sitting on the floor of a Virgin train? Luxury.... #traingate

Okay, this is the "silly season" but the fuss about Jeremy Corbyn and "did he or didn't he" have to sit on the floor during a Virgin train ride from London to Newcastle is still going on. 

I was not on that Thursday train journey but last month I did travel by Virgin on a Thursday from London to Newcastle for the Unison APF National Seminar.

The train was so crowded that there was no room to even sit down on the floor! I had to stand from London to York when I finally managed to get a seat. A unison colleague and fellow Newham Councillor was on the same train and had to stand for the entire journey. I wish I had a bit of floor to sit on but it was so crowded I had to stand. 

I tweeted this picture at the time. 

Why anyone is believing Richard Branson and then Virgin version of events is beyond me. He is a despicable privateer who makes millions out of the public subsidy of privatised railways.  Someone who hates trade unions and the entire Labour movement. No wonder he is happy to tell lies about the truly dreadful service that Virgin provides. 

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