Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Poles (Least we forget)

Soon it will be the 66th "Battle of Britain Day" (September 15)  "Pilots from No. 303 (“Kościuszko”) Polish Fighter Squadron with one of their Mk II Spitfires, resting from the strain of heavy fighting during the ‘Battle of Britain’ in the late summer of 1940(from left): Sgt Kustrzynski, Sgt Popek, Sgt Szlagowski, F/O Feric, P/O Daszewski and F/O Zumbach.
Kustrzynski, Szlagowski and Zumbach survived the war. Daszewski was killed in action in 1942.
Feric and Popek both died in active service, 1942 and 1944 respectively. During the ‘Battle of Britain’, between August 30th and October 11th, No. 303 Squadron tallied 126 enemy aircraft destroyed, 13 probably destroyed and 9 damaged".

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