Sunday, August 14, 2016

Triathlon Training 2016: Five weeks to go

Thurs 11 Aug
Ran to Olympic pool E20
32 mins
Max Pace 2.7
2.61 miles
Pace 12.5
Slow but steady
4.8 mph
Early Morning Swim lesson Aquatic Centre
45 mins
 25m Training pool
Mostly backstroke, but did Butterfly legs work & tumble turns 
Sub Coach worked us pretty hard
Ran back
24 mins
Max Pace 1.33
2.23 miles
Pace 10.8
feeling knackered and bit painful
Ken Bike Liverpool St Stn To Unison Centre 
20 mins (estimate)
4.14 mile?
994mph apparently
(Sportrate app not working)
Ken Bike back to Liverpool St Stn
21.2 mins
Max Pace 1.23
3.43 mile
Pace 6.19
 tired and stiff
Now just less than 5 weeks to g before my self organised Olympic distanceTriathlon on Sunday 18 September. 

This was from my training programme from Thursday. I was so shattered the following day that I had to take the Friday off exercise. Which shows how much I have got to raise my game during the next few weeks. 

My aim is to swim 1.5k at the Aquatic Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford then Cycle 40k up and down in Newham then return to the Olympic Park and complete a 10k run. 

I will be raising funds for the UNISON charity "there for you" and the "Greece Solidary Campaign". 

If you wish to sponsor me for "there for you" click here and/or the GSC then click here

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