Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whether you love a Big Mac or Not. Ask McDonalds to stop pumpingantibiotics into cattle

Dear John,

McDonald’s is contributing to a public health crisis that affects every person on this planet – whether you love a Big Mac or not. The fast food giant is serving meats that are pumped with antibiotics, which are fueling resistance to the antibiotics we need to treat even minor surgeries and common medical issues.

Click here to ask McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook to stop supersizing antibiotic use in its livestock.

We were shocked to learn that almost 50% of antibiotics used in the UK and 70% in the US are given to the livestock used by companies like McDonald’s. The World Health Organization has warned that we are headed towards a ‘post antibiotic era’ [1] and the overuse of medically important antibiotics in farming is a key reason for that.

McDonald’s began leading the way in tackling overuse of antibiotics in poultry. [2] But this is only partial progress. We need to make McDonald's go further to raise standards across the fast food sector. McDonald’s investors are already calling out the company on its overuse of antibiotics. [3] CEO Steve Easterbrook has been slow to respond so it’s time for us to ramp up the pressure.

Will you take 2 minutes to call for an end to the overuse of antibiotics in McDonald’s meat supply chains?

As a global market leader, if McDonald’s improves its standards, the wider industry will follow suit.

Thank you,
Mara, Clare, Colette and the rest of the team at ShareAction

[1] Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, "Antimicrobial resistance – why the irresponsible use of antibiotics in agriculture must stop":

[2] McDonald’s already has a policy in place to curb the overuse of antibiotics in its poultry. Chickens for meals sold in North America are raised without medically important antibiotics and the company is planning to phase out use of ‘highest priority critically important’ antibiotics in Europe by 2018, though this still leaves significant room for improvement.

[3] "Shareholders to Press McDonald's on Antibiotic-Free Meat at 5/26 AGM," ICCR (24 May 2016):

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