Friday, February 05, 2016

Forest Gate North Labour Branch AGM & HeartUnions Campaign

Yesterday I had my 2nd Labour Movement AGM in a row. On Wednesday I went to  the UNISON Greater London Region AGM, where I was re-elected (for the 8th consecutive year) as a Regional Council Officer (the Executive Convener for Finance).

Last night I went to my local Labour Party branch AGM for Forest Gate North.  Where I was elected as Vice Chair of the branch and my good trade union comrade, Anamul Islam, was elected Chair.  The excellent existing Secretary, Heather Jones, was also re-elected unopposed. The former Chair Rachel Tripp who stepped down was thanked for all her hard work in the past.

It was heartening to see so many members turn up to the AGM and want to get involved. We had to move to a bigger room and then bring down even more chairs. It shows that people are definitely interested in politics again.

I made it clear in the mini "hustings" that I wanted change in West Ham and Newham Labour politics and that branches, affiliates and above all members should have a greater voice and role to play in the local Party.  

At the end of the meeting members gathered for the picture above to support the TUC campaign against the Tory Anti trade union bill currently going through the House of Lords - "HeartUnion". 

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