Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unison Community Seminar day 2

The Unison Community seminar resumed on Saturday morning with workshops, followed by a panel debate headed by our lay President, Wendy Nichols, on "any questions about Unison". There was questions about democratic processes, low turnout in union elections, insufficient support for community activists, members being blocked from conferences, profile etc.

There are clearly problems with some Unison Local Government and Health Branches, who due to their own pressures and attacks by their employers are not able to properly support their Community members and we desperately need to do something about this.

However, this is not a totally accurate picture of all what goes on, since I am aware of Local Government branches who do excellent work for Community members and also in my employer, two local government branches, now have community members as their Secretary or Chair.

The seminar finished at 12.30.  During lunch there was Caucus meetings and then we came back at 2pm for the start of the actual Community conference. More stuff to follow.

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