Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Campaigning for Sadiq Khan as Labour Mayor for London in Maryland, E15

Picture from West Ham's campaign session for Sadiq Khan to be London Mayor in Maryland, Stratford, E15 on Saturday.

Our MP, Lyn Brown, was out with activists in the rain and the sunshine encouraging residents to vote for Sadiq in May.

It was great to see new members of the Party out knocking on doors and talking to residents. I had conversations about planning, environment, parking and of course - housing. I had some ear bashing but people seemed, by and large, pleased that we were there so they could let us know their views. We had one lady who was extremely upset that we had knocked on her door and let us know it in no uncertain terms. This happens from time to time but surprisingly rarely.

I had to finish a little early to go and help set up the Newham United Against Austerity (NUAA) launch event with key note speaker, Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP. Post on this to follow.

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