Thursday, May 02, 2013

Together - Vote Labour on Thursday


Anonymous said...

Why do you think UKIP got so many votes?

The video - by reminding people how bad the economy is, Milliband is reenforcing the point Labour messed the economy up and we are in the sh*ts. People dont don't have faith in Cameron / Clegg to fix it. Nor do they have faith Milliband.

Milliband is saying to the little people, "you are the wealth creators" and they are looking at themselves in panic and thinking "oh sh*t we're f****ed then". Quick vote UKIP.

And it will stop those 1million Bulgarians and Romanians.

John Gray said...

Well, with out being complaisant how about the BNP has imploded and Lib Dems are not a protest vote any more?

As well as the usual ignorant racist rubbish by Tory tabloids.

But we are on target to win. Also the more people see of Ed, the more they like and reckon him.