Sunday, October 31, 2010

"The future of our schools" TUC conference Sat 27 Nov

The TUC are putting on this special conference on the future of schools and "debating the Government's reform agenda".

"What do government policies on schools mean for our children and communities?

What are the long-term implications of giving more schools greater autonomy - improved schooling for all or a two-tier system?

Does the focus on parental choice empower the majority of families?

What do academies and free schools mean for teachers and other education professionals?

This conference will consider these questions and hear a range of views on the future of our schools.

The event is based around panel discussions and workshops so that participants can share their experiences and opinions with others.

The event is for everyone with an interest in the future of our schools, including parents, pupils, school governors, school staff, trade unionists, local authority officials, academics and policy advisors.

To register for this free event please complete this online form:
Let your friends and colleagues know you are attending this event:"

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