Monday, October 04, 2010

Labour Party Conference 2010: London Underground Strikes

I think that this is the time to remember the TSSA railway union General Secretary, Gerry Doherty's dignified speech to conference last Monday afternoon in support of Composite 7. 
Last night and today there was strike action by TSSA and the RMT in London over job cuts. 
Gerry pointed out that his "union has taken strike action for the first time since the General Strike of 1926. TSSA is a traditionally moderate trade union which is being forced to take strike action due to the Bullingdon Champagne Mayor (Boris Johnson) trying to cut 800 jobs without regard to health and safety on the underground.  The Lib Dems claims that they want to take the unions with them, but their Lord Snooty pals are dismantling the welfare state! They need to stop attacking the very people who they asked to vote for them. 
Warning we will take you on - even the non militant unions.  This is not meant as a threat or a promise.  We have no choice when they come for us - we will have to be in this together.  This movement has to come together and say we will not let them take us on one by one. 
On Monday the action will be another reason to vote for Ken". 


Anonymous said...

where were you all when New Labour did the same. Ms cooper said today we looked at this but decided it was to expensive, not morally right or wrong but to expensive.

The new medicals for disability are nothing but a disgrace, they told me using a wheelchair is little difference then walking. I was then told pain is abstract and all in the head and if you want you can put it to the back of your mind.

I once wrote to the TUC about labours welfare reforms to be told the TUC agreed with labour plans, now it's evil

Anonymous said...

I dont know much about unions. I saw Bob Crow being interviewed on TV. I was shocked that he was earning 140k, so much for trade unions representing working class people.

John Gray said...

Hi anon #1

Not sure exactly what you are going on about?

Labour welfare reforms were perfect but compare to what is about to happen to millions of vunerable people in this country.

Hi anon #2

I thought comrade Crow earned £105,000? Which is probably less than a senior GP or Secondary Headmaster earns in London?

John Gray said...

Whoops - left out NOT before perfect"

Anonymous said...

Labour welfare reforms were perfect but compare to what is about to happen to millions of vunerable people in this country.

I see so Labour welfare were perfect, strange because i was better off under Thatcher, after all she gave us DLA, which brown tried to stop, the new medicals are a disgrace a person with a tripple bye pass with Parkinson told your fit to work.

Thank god I've moved away from so called socialism.

Anonymous said...

Thats OK then! sadly Labour welfare reforms are wrong they always were wrong, the new medicals are wrong because your not seen by a doctor, but any nerd with six weeks training, I know I've had it.

Whats wrong with you. I have a lesion of the L5 leading to Paraplegia, I'm suffering from damaged kidneys from the fall and I have an injury to the C2.

OK whats an L5 and whats a C2.

OK what you have then is basically a bad back.

No what I have is Paraplegia, OK explain what that is. OK it's as i said a bad back.

Now i can take this bull shit and fight it with my Union, who have said they will back me.

But imagine somebody who is suffering from a depressive illness.

this is Labours not the Tories.

John Gray said...

Hi Anons

A good friend of mine suffering from mental illness did take these tests recently and thought there were fair.

I'm sure that there can be improvements in the system set up under a Labour government.

But you have a government now which instinctively thinks that many (not all) on disability/invalidity are the undeserving poor and should be forced into work.

Good luck with your union fight.