Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anthem against the Cuts

Hat tip UNISON East Midlands


Anonymous said...

What a great video! How about we try to get the song in the charts by a co-ordinated purchase cmapaign like the one last year which got Rage Against the Machine to number one? We probably can't get it to number one, but apparently sales of around 13,000 are often sufficient to reach the top ten - would be good to see it there. Maybe the week after Xmas as this is often a bit quieter after the X factor has had its main sales? Obviously, this is subject to a certain amount of discipline and the Trots will probably want some godfawful shouty shite instead, but this could be ours with only a little effort, even if the Beeb refuse to play the video itself? We will know what it's about.

Anonymous said...

Come on, John - start a Facebook campaign.