Monday, October 11, 2010

Labour's Abbas for Mayor: Uniting the East End

On Saturday Newham Labour  activists came to help our sister Party in Tower Hamlets canvass for Helal Abbas in the Chrisp Street Market area, E14.

I was with two teams of 10 members and supporters.  There was other teams led by Stephen Timms MP and the Newham Executive Mayor, Sir Robin Wales.

When we first arrived we had a little bit of a heckle from some very excited bloke who shouted at us (from across the road in the Somerfields Car Park) that we should "be ashamed to be voting Labour" due to the recession.  To which I responded that we were very proud to be Labour and that maybe he should just not vote for us then?   

Apart from that the canvass went really well and on route we "bumped" into the candidate Helal and local MP Jim Fitzpatrick, in the middle of the market (see picture).  All sections of the community  seemed aware of the forthcoming election and willing to come out on the day to support the Helal.

(Election is on 21 October - Campaign office is at 349 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9RA - 3 mins from Bethnal Green tube and is open for canvassing and leafleting from 10am-6.30pm every day until the election.  Or you can ring 0207 729 6682 or email for further details).


John Gray said...

Hi anon 17.33

No platform for anons who make snide racist scum comments on this blog thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice try - but Andrew Neather gave the game away.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

"Former Labour adviser denies immigration plot to undermine right. Andrew Neather says remarks over Nick Griffin TV appearance, raised by Tories in Commons, were twisted out of all recognition"

only really thick and stupid people actually believe all what they want to hear.